Apply for Brunei Visa Application form India

Brunei Visa application

The official name of Brunei is Brunei Darussalam. There are so many reasons to visit Brunei Darussalam. Brunei Darussalam is known for their beauty, food, river, places etc. Brunei Darussalam is famous for their Very relaxed atmosphere, touristy places, clean, peaceful and safe destination etc. Basically, Brunei’s delicious food is a mixture of Indian, Malaysia, Singaporean, Chinese and Indonesian cuisines. Shopping is the favorite pastime in Brunei. So if an Indian is planning to go to Brunei so he or she first has to apply for the Brunei Visa

How to apply for Brunei Visa application form

There is only 1 way to apply for Brunei Darussalam visa application that is an online way. In an online way, firstly applicant has to visit the official website of the Brunei Darussalam Visa and then upload all the required documents and information in the form and then submit the form with your signature

Documents which are required for Brunei Darussalam for Indians

  1. Applicant must provide their original passport and make sure that the validity of your passport is for at least 6 months from the date of arrival along with your old passport
  2. Applicant must provide their recent 2 passports sized photograph with the very light background
  3. Applicant has to provide a copy of their original approval from ministry in Brunei
  4. Applicant must provide a cover letter in which he or she has to explain the purposes of his or her visiting Brunei
  5. Applicant has to give the proof of their previous 6 months bank statement which is signed and attested by the bank
  6. Applicant has to provide the photocopy of their passport and you must ensure that there must be first 2 and last 2 blank pages in your passport for the Brunei Darussalam stamp
  7. Applicant must provide their confirmed flight tickets along with their return confirmed flight tickets
  8. Applicant must provide their confirmed hotels bookings in Brunei with the contact numbers and name of the hotels

Important Note – When an applicant is applying for Brunei visa so he or she first has to ensure that there must be 6 blank pages in his or her passport

Different types of Brunei Darussalam

There are different kinds of Brunei Darussalam Visa allotted by the immigration authority

  1. Tourist visa for Brunei Darussalam – Applicants who are willing to visit Brunei for tourism purpose have to apply for the entry pass of Brunei tourism visa, this type of visa helps them to travel there for tourism
  2. Business visa for Brunei Darussalam – Applicants who want to travel to Brunei for their business purposes have to apply for the entry pass of Brunei Business visa
  3. Family or Friend visa for Brunei Darussalam – Applicant who are traveling to Brunei to meet their family or friends who are already staying in Brunei, have to apply for the entry pass of family or friends visa Brunei Darussalam

Time Required – 6 -7 working days

The reason behind why visa form can get rejected  

  1. If required documents are not completely attached with the form
  2. Bad medical certificates
  3. Bad character certificates
  4. If the photographs of the applicant are the blur
  5. He or she does not have the proof of returning tickets
  6. If the applicant has given the wrong information to the embassy or consultant
  7. If the applicant is not financial well
  8. If the applicant passport has expired
  9. If the signature of the applicant is not correct

All information given above can help you out to fill the Brunei Darussalam Visa application form and our visa company is always here to help you out in completing the visa application procedure. And our company will also help you out in services like health insurance, medical insurance, and travel insurance