Apply for Canada Tourist & Business Visa from India


Canada as a place has become really popular nowadays amongst Indians, whether it may be for visiting, or for business purposes. This beautiful and magnificent place is a must visit for everyone. It is renowned for its vast and untouched landscapes, good blend of cultures and a huge history. Its rich natural beauty makes it every traveller’s paradise and a place to visit for sure.

There are two ways to apply for a tourist visa to Canada. One is on paper and the other one is online. There might be two ways, but at the end, the passport still needs to be given to VFS Canada for the purpose of the Canada visa to be affixed on it.

Things that need to be included in the application

  1. A complete and signed corresponding form and this should include the time of your travel
  2. The VAC consent form must be signed
  3. The application should include the VAC service charge per applicant
  4. For your use, print out the checklist and see to it that you are submitted all documents. Also, include this checklist with your application
  5. Visitor Form, as well as your family information form, needs to be included too.

Steps to submit your application in person

  1. Download the application form as well as the checklist which is relevant to your purpose of visit.
  2. Fill out the form as well as the other documents, and get it printed.
  3. Sign the waiver form, and attach that with your application form, and do that on time or you might have issues with the delay in this.
  4. Read the privacy policy and attach the VFS consent form with the application, and if this is not done, the application would be returned back.
  5. Pay the visa fees via the CVAC or in person as per the official website, and it must be paid in addition to the CVAC service charge.
  6. Visit the local Canada Visa Application Centre and get your photographs, passport and other vital documents.

Documents Required for Canada Tourist Visa

  1. Canada Visa Application form.
  2. Family Form
  3. Consent Letter
  4. Representation Form
  5. Original Passport with minimum 6 months validity left before returning back to India. In case there is any old passport available then attached too.
  6. Recent Passport size Photographs with dimension (35mm X 45mm) having a white background.
  7. Original cover letter about Travel itinerary.
  8. Detailed itinerary including proof of air ticket and hotel booking.
  9. Proof of Financial support like Bank Statements, ITR, Property Documents, Investments, Credit Cards etc.
  10. In case of employed – NOC letter for Travel, Salary slips, ID card etc
  11. In case of Self Employed – Business Registration Proof, Financial Proof of Business etc.
  12. In the case of Student – NOC letter from school/college.
  13. In case of Retired personal – Retirement proof/pension passbook or slips.
  14. In case of visiting Friend/Family – Invitation letter is must & have every detail about the trip.
  15. Authorization letter.

Documents Required for Canada Business Visa

  1. You need your original passports, with a validity of 6 months, and that is from the date of arrival in Canada. In case you have any old passports, then that is also needed
  2. Your visa application forms are required
  3. A cover letter, which mentions all the details of your travel
  4. 2colored photographs, which should be 35*45 mm, and on a white background with a matt finish.
  5. Invitation letter of business, plus hotel booking and flight ticket
  6. The tour itinerary
  7. And lastly, personal bank statement of the last 6 months, plus your salary slips and income tax return for the last 3 months.

Canada Visa Fees & Processing Time

The visa fee for the same is Rs 5800 per person + VFS Service charges additional, and the processing time would take about 35 days, which depends on the embassy processing it. For more details visit here

In case, if there is any doubt or confusion regards Canada Visa then kindly contact our Visa Consultant or visit us. If there is any requirement of additional travel-related services like Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Travel or Health Insurance, Holiday Packages to anywhere around the world feel free to contact Visa Triangle. We are happy to provide to best deal and offers.

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