Rwanda Visa Documents Requirements for Indian Passport


Rwanda is a landlocked republic on the south of the equator in east-central Africa. It is known for its beautiful breathtaking scenery and it also is known as the land of a thousand hills. Rwanda is famous for their tasty food recipes like Rwanda “Agatogo” with Collard, Greens, Isombe, Green masala fish etc. It also has attractive Tea garden, beautiful lakes, mountains, and national park. So if an Indian is planning to spend their holidays in Rwanda then firstly you have to apply for the Rwanda Visa

 Best way to apply for Rwanda Visa

There is only 1 way to apply for the visa application that is an online way. In an online way, firstly applicant has to visit the official website of the Rwanda Visa and then upload all the required documents and information in the form and then submit the form with your signature

Documents Requirements to apply for Rwanda Visa

If you are travelling to the other country for the first time then you have to know

What documents are required for applying for the Rwanda Visa

  • The applicant must confirm that his or her passport’ validity is still valid
  • The applicant must have the Photostat copies of his or her original passport along with the previous passport if any and must ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months with two blank pages existing for Rwanda Visa Stamp
  • Two recent passport size photographs of the applicant needed with front view and the light background, dimensions (size 35 X 45)
  • Two copies of the first and last page of your passport
  • Proof of your hotel’s booking along with the number and name of the hotel
  • Applicant should give the proof of his or her bank statement of previous 6 months properly attested (stamped and signature) by the bank
  • Proof of your confirmed return tickets
  • A cover letter explaining the details of the visit and the day to day information of the applicant
  • Proofs of medical requirements like a yellow fever vaccination
  • Proof of your flight itinerary and the copy of airline tickets

Visa fee required for Egypt Visa

 Egypt visa fee for an Indian is 5300/-

The processing time of visa is between 3 – 5 working days

Note – The visa fee can be change

Different types of Rwanda Visa

There are different categories of Rwanda Visa allotted by the immigration authority

  1. Rwanda Tourist Visa – If an applicant is willing to visit Rwanda for tourism purpose then he or she needs an entry pass of Rwanda tourism visa, this type of visa helps the applicant to travel there for tourism. Not more than 90 days this type of visa can exceed
  2. Rwanda Work or Employment Visa – If an applicant is planning to work in Rwanda as an employee so firstly he or she has to apply for the work or employment visa. Before applying for Rwanda visa he or she has to attach a letter with the application form of visa
  3. Rwanda Student Visa – If an applicant is travelling to Rwanda for studying then he or she has to apply for the entry pass student pass. But before applying for the Rwanda visa he or she first has to take admission in some recognized institute of Rwanda and attach the proof with the visa application form
  4. Rwanda Family or Friend visa – If an applicant is planning to travel Rwanda to meet their family or friend who is already staying there so he or she first has to apply for Rwanda family or friend visa

The above information can help to apply for Rwanda Visa but still if you find any doubt or problem for applying for the visa so you can contact our visa agency to make your work easy. Our visa agency can also help you out with services like travel insurance, health insurance, medical insurance etc.