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Traveling to the USA provides a different way to live life, its melting pots, scenic views, and hidden gems to explore, tons of museums appeals you to visit there. USA’s delicious food is one of the key attraction. Students who want to study further also travel to the USA to study and stay there for a period of time. There are thousands of attractive places to visit in the United State of America for that first thing you have to do is to apply for the USA Visa. According to your purpose and timing of stay, you are offered different kinds of US Visa.

Types of USA visa from India

These are the various types of USA Visa for Indians citizen.

  1. Immigrant Visa –applicant who is going to stay permanently in the USA has to apply for the immigrant visa.
  2. Non-Immigrant Visa – an applicant who is willing to visit the USA for a limited period of time.
  3. Work Visa –applicant who is willing to work in the USA has to apply for work visa. This visa helps them to work there for a temporary basis.
  4. Exchange Visa –if the applicant is visiting the USA for an exchange program then the entry pass will be required is Exchange Visa. An applicant will get J visa that is intended to support an exchange of Skills and Knowledge in different fields. An applicant can be a teacher, professional trainees, research purposes, academic level student etc.
  5. Student Visa –applicant willing to go to the USA for further studies has to apply for Student Visa, before applying for this visa they first have to take admission in some school or program there. As you will get approval, you can apply for USA Student Visa. You have to provide that approval slip as an important document while applying for student visa.
  6. Transit C Visa – an applicant who are traveling to some other country via the USA and willing to visit their friends and relatives there has to apply for Transit C Visa.
  7. Religious Worker Visa –applicants who are willing to go to the United State to work in a religious capacity then he/she has to apply for R type Visa.

Required documents for USA Visa

To apply for US visa applicant has to provide these documents

  • Valid passport for at least six months from the date of arrival to United State
  • 2 color photographs with black and white background
  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce or death certificate of spouse, if applicable
  • Proof of financial statement
  • Proof of court records
  • Clean certificate from the police
  • If an applicant is applying for a student visa then he/she has to provide the proof of confirmed admission in some institute
  • If an applicant is applying for work visa then he/she has to provide the proof of offer letter
  • Proof of confirmed booking of hotel accommodation
  • Proof of return air-tickets

Conditions for US Visa

  • You should have a passport which is valid for at least 6 month
  • Applicant should have sufficient money to survive there during the period of travel
  • Proof of accommodation booking there
  • Applicant should provide a reason which is valid to go to the United State
  • Applicant should not be suffering from any disease which is communicable like tuberculosis
  • Applicant should provide proof of good medical health

How can an applicant apply for the US Visa?

These are the following steps to apply for US visa

  1. First of all, an applicant has to select the visa type
  2. The second step is to select the eligibility
  3. The third step is to fill up the application form which is available online
  4. The last step is to appear for interview which will be conducted by select embassy with all necessary documents

Applying for USA Visa

An applicant can apply for USA Visa either online or offline application. Online application form can be filled up on the official website, if an applicant is applying online then he/she has to submit all necessary documents online only. But he/she is applying offline then he/she has to download the form and fill it up properly with attached all necessary documents and send it to any local office of  USA embassy in India.

Way to pay USA Visa fee

There are online mediums for paying US Visa fee like NEFT, cash and mobile payment. This amount is not refundable. If the applicant is an official passport holder then they are not charged for the official visa, but they have to appear for an interview conducted at any nearby US Embassy timing 11 am to 12 pm.

Conditions under which your application gets rejected

  • Important documents not given
  • An application form is incomplete
  • If not matching the eligibility criteria
  • If find any criminal record of the applicant
  • Enough blank pages are not available on your passport
  • If in past a visa issued to you and you have not used it yet
  • If the applicant does not have enough money to survive during the trip
  • If an applicant is not planning to return back to his/her country

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